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The Vines Vision Valley Album

So the third album is out from The Vines, surprisingly! Why surprisingly? In short if we consider the fact that Craig Nicholls was diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome, who would of thought that the band of even carried on. Could it be the true professional in him, or maybe it is just his love of music that is spurring him on. If it was down to the diagnosis Craig was not waiting around, he was like a man possessed and wrote the whole of the album in a matter of months.

The album starts out with 'Anysound', which starts out as a proper Rock n Roll record, with a brilliant guitar solo in the middle. This is what The Vines are about sounding a tad like Nirvana in this track, but for me it really is that guitar solo. I wouldn't say that this album is a hit n miss; rather say that in places it is all out living it large. At the same time though you are brought back down to earth with the more chilled out songs such as 'Vision Valley' that is actually the title track. The energy is still there, but not quite sounding like The Vines. The Vines have taken somewhat a different approach, but lets face it, surely for the better. Still a sound track though, and if these tracks are to go by then Mr Nicholls should blast out his quick writing albums a lot more often. 'Fuk Yeh' is again another Full on Rock track. The whole trend really is that this album is I would say 60% of magic noise through the guitars blasting out and then, 40% of bringing you back down to earth. The more chilled out tracks! Think of it as a rollercoaster giving you the buzz when shooting down and spiralling, and slowing ya back down as the coaster slowly travels back up for the next buzz.

The one thing that I will say for a thirteen-track album it does seem to be over very quick indeed!! I don't if it is just me, but some of the songs seem to be over before they have even started. All in all a good buy for anyone out there.

Mark Moore

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