Sandra Bullock's home in Orange County, California is under siege from the media, and her neighbours are furious - they're begging local lawmakers to do something about the paparazzi who have set up camp on their street, desperate for the first photos of the actress since her marriage split.
Sunset Beach locals have complained to police about the noise and actions of hardcore snappers, who have turned the neighbourhood into a media circus.
Jim Amormino, a spokesman for the Orange County Sheriff’s Department, tells the Los Angeles Times newspaper his agency has received a number of calls from residents on the street where Bullock lives complaining about members of the media parking illegally and loitering.
He reveals officers have been patrolling the area on a regular basis, but had found no violations.
He tells the publication, "No one has been arrested. We respond to every call and do patrols through there to make sure everybody is behaving. But so far it’s been uneventful.
"They have every right to be there. There is really nothing we can do... I know it’s probably annoying to the residents there, but they’re within their rights."
Bullock and her husband Jesse James separated earlier this week (beg15Mar10) as news broke about his alleged infidelity.
A tattoo model went public with her affair with the TV star in U.S. magazine In Touch. She claims James had a sexual relationship with her while his wife was shooting The Blind Side on location.