Review of Scissors in My Pocket Single by Polly Paulusma

Polly Paulusma

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Polly Paulusma ‘’Scissors in My Pocket’ - Single Review

Polly Paulusma

Scissors in My Pocket

The most striking thing about ‘Scissors in My Pocket is how much it sounds like Norah Jones. It’s so laid back, horizontal isn’t an adequate description; days of summer are conjured are with innocence but knowing at the same time. Palusma’s voice is rather like Jones’ too but it’s not totally with her South London accent creeping in. The album is very pretty and this is all very well and good however it’s somewhat bland and it feels as if Palusma hasn’t really stamped her personality on it. There is one exception to the rule in ‘One Day that’s pace and quite serious. Apart from that, ‘Scissors in My Pocket’ is a bit faceless.

(One Little Indian)

Natasha Perry

Music - Polly Paulusma ‘’Scissors in My Pocket’ - Single Review