Ozzy Osbourne has screamed his way into the record books - with a little help from 52,000 Los Angeles Dodgers fans.
The rocker promoted his new album, Scream, and the Dodgers' ThinkCure! cancer charity by staging a world record attempt on the longest and loudest scream at the baseball team's home game against state rivals Los Angeles Angels on Friday night (11Jun10).
Guinness World Records officials attended the match to record the strength of the scream, and Guinness boss Stuart Claxton has confirmed Ozzy and the fans are in the record books.
A spokesman for the rock legend says, "Ozzy has received a certificate that reads: "The Guinness World Record led by Ozzy Osbourne for the longest scream by a crowd was broken at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles, California, USA on June 11, 2010."