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'Grace Of Monaco' Opens Cannes: A Royal Embarrassment For Nicole Kidman? [Trailer]

Nicole Kidman Olivier Dahan Tim Roth

Grace of Monaco is about to premiere on the opening night of the 67th Cannes Film Festival. Olivier Dahan's sumptuously shot Grace Kelly biopic, which stars Nicole Kidman in the titular role, has had months of problems securing a release date but is finally ready to make its debut on a world stage.

Grace Of Monaco Nicole Kidman
Nicole Kidman's 'Grace Of Monaco' Prepares For Premiere In Cannes Tonight.

The film features Kidman ('Moulin Rouge') as the titular actress-turned-princess at a critical time in her life when she is married to Prince Rainier III of Monaco (Tim Roth) but has been offered a role in Alfred Hitchcock's (Roger Ashton-Griffiths) Marnie. Grace is forced to have to choose between her new royal life and the irresistible pull of her old Hollywood film star lifestyle.

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Grace of Monaco Trailer

Grace Kelly is one of the most famous and most beloved Hollywood actresses in the world having won an Academy Award and two Golden Globes among others, and having starred in some of the most exciting films of the fifties. In 1955, her life changes dramatically when she catches the eye of the charming Prince Rainier III of Monaco who is on the lookout for the perfect wife. After three days of meeting, wedding plans begin and the high profile of such an event forces Grace to give up acting. Their marriage is about to be seriously tested, however, as Grace is offered a new screen role and she is itching to get back in front of the cameras. Unfortunately for her, nobody is in agreement with her continuing in film as a bad role could mar her royal reputation.

'Grace Of Monaco' is the dramatic onscreen biography of actress-turned-princess Grace Kelly, who was well-known for appearing in several of Alfred Hitchcock's films. It has been directed by the BAFTA nominated Olivier Dahan ('La Vie en Rose', 'Ghost River', 'Crimson Rivers 2') and written by Arash Amel ('The Expatriate'). The film is set to be released in the UK on June 6th 2014.

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Grace Of Monaco - Teaser Trailer

Grace Kelly is one of the most loved women of the past 100 years. The former Hollywood star was a favourite of the silver screen, but that was only really the beginning of her journey. When Grace Kelly fell in love with Prince Rainier III of Monaco, her personal life turned into a story that could rival that of a classic fairy tale. 

Though not from royal stock, Grace is to many their favourite royal to have lived; beauty, elegance and a gentle and nurturing nature only added to the appeal of Grace throughout the world. 

Nicole Kidman now takes on one of her most difficult roles to date and plays the much loved actress. Set in the 1960's whilst her husband, Prince Rainier III of Monaco, faced invasion by the French over tax disputes, the princess was also facing one of the most turbulent times of her life. Grace of Monaco was directed by Oscar winner Olivier Dahan (La Vie En Rose) and written by relative newcomer Arash Amel.

Grace Of Monaco With Nicole Kidman Criticized By Monaco Royal Family

Nicole Kidman Grace Kelly Olivier Dahan

30 years since Grace Kelly's death marks a big milestone, and an exhibition in her memory is getting to open later on in the year. However, what's really hitting the headlines this week is the Monaco Royal family criticizing the Grace Kelly biopic, starring Nicole Kidman, deeming it 'pure fiction'.

Grace Kelly was married to Rainier III, Prince of Monaco from 1956 until her death in 1982. The film, called Grace of Monaco will cover her first few years in Monaco, an era which saw tension between France and Monaco, a situation in which Kelly played an important role in avoiding a coup. Much has already been said about the 45 year old Kidman meaning to play a 32 year old Kelly. 

"We have had absolutely no association with this project, which claims to be about the lives of our parents," the royal family, Prince Albert and his two sisters, said in a statement reports the Guardian. "For us, this film does not constitute a biographical work but portrays only a part of her life and has been pointlessly glamorised and contains important historical inaccuracies as well as scenes of pure fiction." 

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9th Annual Tribeca Film Festival - Premiere Of 'My Own Love Song' - Arrivals

Olivier Dahan Thursday 22nd April 2010 9th Annual Tribeca Film Festival - Premiere of 'My Own Love Song' - Arrivals New York City, USA

Olivier Dahan
Olivier Dahan

Premiere Of 'La Vie En Rose' Held At Paris Theatre - Arrivals

Olivier Dahan - Olivier Dahan, Marion Cotillard New York City, USA - Premiere of 'La Vie En Rose' held at Paris Theatre - Arrivals Tuesday 31st May 2005

Olivier Dahan
Olivier Dahan
Olivier Dahan
Olivier Dahan

La Vie En Rose Review

The fact that Olivier Dahan's lengthy retread into the life of French chanteuse Edith Piaf has subtitles shouldn't distract you from what's going on. La Vie En Rose, though more stylish in a half-assed, Jeunet-aping sort of way, carbon-copies the DNA of Hollywood musician biopics Ray and Walk the Line and, for better or worse, becomes another in a long line of over-hyped cinematic biographies.

Played by the radiant Marion Cotillard, Piaf rose to stardom as France's most infamous and celebrated singer. Her inebriated bravado and playful demeanor only enlivened her fluid, stunning voice, creating some of the most entertaining and dynamic live performances ever given by a solo vocalist. Rising up with her best friend Momone (a solid Sylvie Testud), Piaf was saved from a youth spent being raised in a bordello when her father couldn't keep things together. Singing on the street, Piaf was finally found by club owner Louis Leplee (the reliably great Gerard Depardieu). From there, Piaf furthered her talents and eventually became the great singer we now know her as.

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