British TV star Nigel Havers has won a legal battle over his late wife's $4.4 million (GBP2.3 million) estate, after claiming he was unfairly cheated out of a chunk of it. The 57-year-old A PASSAGE TO INDIA star's wife POLLY died in 2004 from ovarian cancer, leaving most of her estate to her two sons from a previous relationship, BEN and WILLIAM BLOOMFIELD. Havers inherited a share of the couple's marital home but began a legal battle claiming the will, drawn up after they married in 1989, left him without "reasonable financial provision". A compromise that was reached last year - before the case went to Britain's High Court - and published now for the first time, awards Havers $712,000 (GBP375,000) and the two sons $445,000 (GBP235,000). The actor is also entitled to the proceeds from the sale of a number of items including his late wife's car and jewellery.