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Mighty Six Ninety
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Mighty Six Ninety Believable Single

With its crisp beats, melodic bass and sterile keyboard sheen, "Believable" is an exercise in meticulously recreating New Order's signature sound, and it certainly succeeds. However, in doing so, it results in an unremarkable and forgettable track, sounding more MOR than the Manchester patriarchs themselves.
With the recent success of other Anglophile synth-indie bands like The Killers, Mighty Six Ninety are striking when the iron is hot, but on the evidence of this track, they follow the tried and tested formula too closely to really forge themselves a niche in the mainstream.

B-side "Northern Border" fares better though, for a start it's slightly less derivative, but also the melody is much more memorable and its sprightly harmonies lift it way above the A-side. Change the tracks around, and they've already got a better single on their hands.

Ben Davis

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