Kelly Osbourne has lost weight by eating food that a different colour to her plate.

The 27-year-old presenter - who has gained and lost weight a number of times in the past - is now maintaining a svelte figure by trying out a new eating technique, as eating from a plate the same colour as your food is believed to increase what you eat by 20 per cent.

A source told Now magazine: ''Five months after Kelly started the plan the results are there for all to see. She thinks it's amazing - she takes her plates everywhere. Unlike other fads, Kelly says this diet does help you lose weight and keep it off.''

Kelly has become so small - losing 60lbs in two years - recently she has been able to wear T-shirts designed for children.

She said: ''People have this idea that I'm large and they don't realise I am 5ft 2in and a UK size 6-8. I go to GAP Kids for T-shirts.

''I've done all the faddy diets and none of them work. On one, I had to drink this diet shake for a week it promised I'd lose 10lbs but I just felt sick.''