Katy Perry has some advice for young pop stars, of which apparently she no longer considers herself to be one – put it away, ladies. And by “it” she presumably means any body part not deemed acceptable by current societal standards. The singer gave this sage advice for free – well, almost, technically for the price of this month’s issue of Cosmopolitan, that shining beacon of self respect and realistic standards.

Katy Perry, Shoreditch House
Perry herself apparently knows when to "play that card."

Bear in mind, this is the same singer, who has sported a whip cream bra in the past. Perry herself admitted to some degree of hypocrisy in her advice, adding: "I've taken it out here and there ... I'm just saying sometimes it's nice to play that card but also it's nice to play other cards. And I know I have that sexy card in my deck but I don't always have to use that card."

True, Perry has never posed (nude or otherwise) for the likes of Terry Richardson, but even so, with her recent video featuring her in a leopard print bra and grass skirt, it isn’t clear where exactly she draws the line for “not playing the sexy card.”

Despite Perry’s change of attitude (she recently supported Miley Cyrus following that VMA performance,) the younger starlet isn’t bothered by negative comments. In her own Cosmo interview, she boldly claimed: "I think everyone would have given anything to be me at that moment, because I was being one hundred percent true to myself. I have a song that’s like, ‘Stay in your lane,’ because I’m not going to be you and you’re definitely not going to be me, so don’t throw shade. I don’t ever throw shade at anyone."

Miley Cyrus, Today Show
Meanwhile, Miley just keeps on keeping on.