John Lennon's musician son SEAN feels no pressure forging a career in the late legend's shadow, insisting no one can compete with THE Beatles.
The 33 year old is currently performing with his mother Yoko Ono's newly reformed Plastic Ono Band, as well as his own solo career.
Although he is often compared to his dad, Sean insists he has never felt compelled to measure himself against his father's achievements.
During an appearance on U.S. TV talk show The View - which included a performance his mother Yoko Ono - Lennon Jr. said, "I know when (people) see me, they see my father. I can't help (that) I look like him, I look like her (Ono).
"But honestly I don't play music in terms of trying to compete with my dad because I don't think I could play if I did that. But I take comfort in knowing I'm not the only (musician) who will never be as successful as the Beatles."