Joan Collins became so infuriated during the filming of a new TV show in St Tropez, France - she threw her wig into a nearby tree in a fit of rage.

The 71-year-old former DYNASTY actress lost her temper after shooting a difficult scene for the tenth time at a private villa for a new pilot programme about the Riviera resort when she discarded with her brunette hairpiece, writes British newspaper the DAILY MAIL.

A source tells the publication, "Joan was getting more and more worked up as the scene was going from bad to worse.

"We had all had enough, but then something happened that made Joan lose it.

"She was in such a rage she literally ended up pulling her hair out and flinging her hairpiece into a nearby tree.

"It was not the easiest thing to recover. Fortunately she managed to keep a sense of humour and later relayed the tale to everyone else.

"It's a blessing for her it wasn't actually captured on film, the footage would be absolutely priceless."

01/05/2005 14:43