Seven weeks to the day that Amy Winehouse tragically died at her home in London, has reported that her father Mitch Winehouse revealed that the late singer had a prescribed drug in her system upon her demise on July 23rd.

Winehouse was being interviewed by CNN anchor Anderson Cooper for the latter's forthcoming new talk show 'Anderson,' to be aired in the US on Mondays. During it he explained that his daughter did have the drug Librium in her body when she died; Librium is a prescribed substance that is given to those who are overcoming alcohol detoxification, and is used to reduce seizures.

During the recorded interview, the grieving parent went on to reiterate that the star's death had nothing to do with illegal drugs, saying "everyone thought I was in denial, but [the toxicology report shows] I wasn't; she hadn't taken drugs for three years."

Winehouse was joined by his wife during the interview, the first significant one they've given since the 27 year-old's passing, while The Telegraph also reported that the singer's boyfriend REG TRAVISS was involved too. The previous few weeks have been strained for the Winehouse family; on top of mourning their daughter and refuting theories of her death, they also faced having to return donations given to The Amy Winehouse Foundation - which they'd set up to help those overcoming substance addiction - when it turned out that someone had already registered the name. Thankfully the issue has been resolved and MTV reports that the foundation will launch officially on September 14th.