Amy Winehouse was set to marry her boyfriend at the time of her death.

The 'Back to Black' singer had talked about getting wed for a second time to film director Reg Traviss ahead of her unexpected death in July this year at the age of just 27.

Reg told The Sun newspaper: "We had spoken about getting married. She had spoken to members of my family about it. It is something that was going to happen."

Reg was scheduled to be attending a wedding with Amy on July 24, the day of her death, and told of his devastation when he found out she had passed away.

He added: "I had appointments on Saturday morning - normal things. A haircut, pick up shoes and my suit for the wedding. I was thinking it was a bit strange she hadn't called.

"As I left the hairdresser, I saw I had a missed call from Amy's security guy. She was always misplacing her phone, so I thought she had probably just borrowed his. When I got to the office I rang and spoke to the security guy. He just said, 'Reg. Something terrible has happened.' You could tell in his voice. He said, 'You better get here straight away'. And that was it. I dropped everything and went."

It has yet to be determined what caused Amy's death, but her father Mitch is convinced she had a seizure caused by sudden withdrawl from alcohol.