Review of Mmoths EP by Mmoths

Take a look around Mmoth's Soundcloud page and you will find a few remixes from last year and a preview of things to come for 2012, a relatively desolate page for a man with such colossal talent. With a collaboration with Keep Shelly in Athens, a nod of acceptance from Flying Lotus and an emergence from his bedroom/studio for a string of dates around Britain and his native Ireland at the end of this month and throughout the next, things are looking good for the young producer.

Mmoths Mmoths EP

For Mmoths, or Jack Colleran as he is known around Newbridge, crafting blissed-out electronics that create a dream-like aura around his tracks is a doddle. Opener 'THNX' has swooning organ-like synth-lines as its sturdy backbone, with the occasional 'Midnight City'-like claps placed elegantly around the track. He effortlessly layers tonal progression throughout the track to make it as ethereal as possible, with his already expert production moulding the track into something overwhelmingly good.

On the track 'Summer' the guest vocals from Superhumanoids compliment the ambient backing from Mmoths impeccably and sounds equally as good with a female or male lead. Likewise on the Keep Shelly in Athens featuring track 'Heart', the hallucinating vocals fit beautifully over the swoons and shimmers created by Colleran. The big-name guest spot has done little to deter listeners if his Soundcloud profile is anything to go by; fittingly, the producer is already rousing interest from across the web.

With the likes of Evian Christ and now himself emerging since the start of the year, 2012 already looks like the start of a high-quality year for alt-electro producers. With ten more months to go the future looks bright for the rise of bedroom producers making dreamy music and I can't wait for it to come.


Joe Wilde

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