Review of Zombieliscious Album by Zombie Nation

Review of Zombie Nation's album Zombieliscious

Zombie Nation Zombieliscious Album

Mention Munich based Zombie Nation to any of the self-considered music-elite and you'll get a frown, scowl or maybe even a grimace if you're lucky. Trust me this is based purely on Zombie Nation's first single, well EP, 'Kernkraft 4000' which sickeningly tranced its way into everyone's ears, heads and homes back in 1999. Now, don't get me wrong, I relate, I hated that track too.but, lets stop condemning an artist for his latter days sins, 'cause believe it or not, Florian Senfter has carved out a nice little sound since then. 'Black Toys' (2006) was testament to that. So lets give 'Zombieliscious' a whirl, his fourth offering for the pilgrims of the dancefloor.

Opening with 'Mas De Todo' you'd be forgiven for thinking the Chemical Brother's have gone minimal. Laden with fuzzy synths, a charging energy, disco cuts and later some wonderfully disorienting acid arpeggio. Zombie Nation isn't messing around. On 'Get It' we see the kinda French cuts that have had such a prominent hold on the dancefloors lately. Together with a wonky sensibility and soft set vocals make for an interesting combination. 'Supercake 53' plunges us into the deepest disco territory with brooding rich synth layers, cymbal fills, crashes and flutters this is disco, but not as we know it. 'Radio Controller' sees more fuzzy synths, rolling beats and layering, but the vocals this time seem to have taken a shift more towards the indie anthem. No a bad thing really. Besides the break down is a fuzzy analogue mess that will charm even the most awkward electronic music head. 'The Fact', frankly speaking, sounds like it has been lifted off Daft Punk's Homework and then had sci-fi synth sounds played too loud over the top. As shame, but still Senfter is clearly pushing the psychedelic side of his persona. A sound he's been steadily cultivating over previous releases.

Now I know you're probably still bothered by the fact it's by Zombie Nation, but seriously, if you have any interest in Para One, Kiki, Ellen Allien or even Kraftwerk, then check this out. Its rich yet minimal, mixed with a cavernous depth that Black Toys started.

Thom Holmes

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