Zoe Saldana thinks too many actresses ''hide in a cave...until they're size zero'' after giving birth.

The 37-year-old star, who has nine-month-old twins Cy and Bowie with husband Marco Perego, believes many of peers succumb to pressure to snap back into shape and send ''a very misleading message'' to other women.

The 'Guardians of the Galaxy' actress said: ''Throughout the years that I've been in this business, women that hide in a cave and they don't come out until they're a size zero. And that is a very misleading message to send out to women, especially when women here in L.A. are the skinniest women out there. And that should concern us. We're too busy thinking about our appearances and not really thinking about our mental health first as well.''

The 'Avatar' star has shared her journey to regain her trim pre-pregnancy figure with fans via Facebook, but credits her supportive family for encouraging her to put motherhood first.

She told PEOPLE.com: ''I've got a booty! I've got some thighs I got to burn off all the time!

''I feel bad for those women that get super desperate and want to bounce back three months after having a baby. Breastfeed. Stay home. Sleep. Your kid is only three months old! Like what are you going to the gym for? Catch up on f**king reruns of some sort!

''I definitely took a break. And I trusted that my body was going to bounce back when it was ready. I never wanted to push myself. I'm the most beautiful woman to my husband, so he tells me or I will kill him, so I didn't really have this anxiety to bounce back.''