The Guardians of the Galaxy star piled on 70 pounds (31.75 kilograms) during her journey to motherhood, and after welcoming boys Bowie and Cy, she embarked on a strict fitness and diet programme to help shed the extra weight.

She has been documenting her slim down with regular posts on, and this week (ends31Jul15), she revealed she is almost at her target weight.

Alongside a photo of herself in the gym, she wrote, "Almost there! It's been difficult but so rewarding. I feel strong. All it takes is determination! Mommies we can all do it, damn it!!!"

She later returned to the site to thank fans for their compliments and offer encouragement to other new mums struggling with similar body issues.

She added, "Beautiful ladies, thank you for your positive comments. You have no idea the joy and pride I feel when I read your comments saying you feel inspired and want to do it for yourself. Please continue to share, I was inspired by so many mommies around me to get back into shape because they shared their journey with me. We are stronger when we stick together- wishing each other good, cheering each other along."

The boys are Saldana's first children with husband Marco Perego, who she wed in 2013.