Zendaya Coleman describes her style as ''chameleon chic''.

The 18-year-old Disney starlet loves to try out new looks and experiment with her style, admitting she always wants to ''push the envelope''.

She told Us Weekly: ''My style is chameleon chic, if that makes any kind of sense at all because honestly I just like to try new things and wherever I am going I just want to push the envelope.''

Zendaya also revealed that she is most confident after a facial.

She explained: ''I feel confident when I've just had a facial and my skin is popping or when I'm getting ready for an event but then sometimes I look a hot mess and I still think I look cute so it depends.''

Her top make-up tips include investing in a good foundation and concealer and studying your face carefully.

She said: ''Splurge on a good concealer or a good foundation that's got what you need in it.

''And you just have to study your own face. Sometimes that just means sitting in front of the mirror and trying things.''