Review of On The Run Single by Zeb Roc Ski

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1. Zeb.Roc.Ski feat. Blade On The Run (MZEE) (12" - Marble Bar)
Its not like the good old days, you never get value for money any more or so my gran used to say. Well MZEE are just about to prove her wrong because dish out for this release and you get no less than 10 different versions and 8 skits. The four sides of vinyl serve up instrumentals, acapellas, originals and remixes from Mr Playmo, Junk and Def Cut. Graffiti artist Zebster aka Zeb.Roc.Ski created On The Run as a homage to his fellow artists and breakers.

Its a high powered B-Boy funk-out which manages to sound scarily similar to Paul Hardcastles Nnnnnnnn Nineteen. The mixes sometimes sound a touch too similar but whose complaining when youve got so many to choose from.