Contrary to reports doing the rounds, the ‘new’ Zayn Malik track ‘I Won’t Mind’ that emerged online following his departure from pop stars One Direction is actually no such thing.

Fans might have been understandably misled when, earlier on Tuesday, a song featuring Zayn was posted on SoundCloud by British producer Naughty Boy, which many took to be the ex-Directioner’s first solo material. However, a source close to the 22 year old star told MailOnline that this was merely an old song that never saw the light of day.

Zayn Malik
Zayn Malik's "new solo track" 'I Won't Mind' was actually an old 1D song

The source said that the track was recorded during the sessions for One Direction’s most recent album Four, but didn’t end making the cut for the record’s final tracklisting. The insider went on to explain: “It's important fans know this isn't a solo Zayn song or even representative of material he might record in the future. If you listen to the track it is clearly a song written with One Direction in mind for their last album. It's not new, nor is it a Zayn Malik solo track.”

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A representative for Naughty Boy later confirmed the source’s story to the MailOnline. "Naughty Boy and Zayn wrote and demoed it as a contender for 1D's album last year. They aren't furiously working on his solo material or anything, there aren't plans for anything and this wasn't recorded in the last few days.”

“They are very good friends and Zayn is taking time out including visiting Naughty Boy at his studio and hanging out.” When asked about the hashtags #zaughty, #2016 and #zindabad that the producer had used in the SoundCloud post, the rep responded “he's having fun. Nothing is planned as yet.”

Naughty Boy removed the song from the music sharing site later on the same day after receiving a barrage of negative responses from 1D fans. It’s believed by many that he shared it in the first place as a result of a recent Twitter spat with band member Louis Tomlinson, which continued to rumble after he posted it.

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