After fans freaked out about Zayn Malik's new look, the singer has revealed the reason why he took such drastic measures in his latest hairstyle choice. Hopefully his followers will be a little more understanding now that they know it wasn't such a bad idea after all.

Zayn Malik at a pre-Grammy galaZayn Malik at a pre-Grammy gala

The 24-year-old former One Direction star was seen to be completely bald in a black and white shot his mother Trisha Malik posted on Instagram recently, featuring herself kissing his head and Gigi Hadid grinning on his other side.

Understandably, fans were heartbroken by the total shave, despite the fact that he only recently got a buzzcut - so it's not too major a jump in style. But now Zayn has explained that the decision was all down to the fact that his hair was getting some serious damage from constant re-dying.

'I just shaved my head because I'd bleached it too many times and it was a bit destroyed', he told Scott Mills on BBC Radio 1 today (September 8th 2017). 'The bleach affects your hair, doesn't it? So you've got to shave it off.'

To be honest, Zayn, we're pretty sure that a lot of your female fans have an affinity with bleach too, but it's not likely many of them will be taking your advice on that haircare issue. Nonetheless, it only took a matter of days before a new head of hair started growing back and he definitely looks more like Zayn again.

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'It grows back straight away anyways', he said. 'So I've got hair now anyway, it only took two days!'

It's unclear whether or not Zayn will consider going back to bleached hair in the future, but for now we're loving the stubbly but neat look that we saw in his new video 'Dusk Till Dawn' featuring Sia.