It was one of the biggest showbiz relationship upsets of last year when - just after breaking One Direction fans’ hearts by leaving the band - Zayn Malik pulled apart his engagement to Little Mixer Perrie Edwards too.

Zayn MalikZayn has been talking about his perfect woman - was he taking a swipe at ex, Perrie?

However, despite moving on with a number of intimate pictures with model Gigi Hadid, it seems some people think Zayn can’t stop talking about his ex - but not always in a good way.

The Mirror reported that in a recent interview, the former X Factor contestant was asked what he looked for in a woman.

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He said: "I need a challenge. Also I like girls that are a bit chunky in certain areas - the nice areas. I like a fuller woman."

The heartthrob continued: "I enjoy an intellectual conversation as well, where someone can construct a sentence beyond what hair and makeup they’re wearing and talk about something political or about the world.

"I like an opinion."

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Of course, many began to wonder if he was referring to all the things as things Perrie didn’t have, since he was the one to break off their four-year relationship and two-year engagement.

Since his recent break-up, Zayn has been spotted with his new-model girlfriend, Gigi, on a number of social media outlets as the pair's relationship begins to hot up.

We wonder what kind of intellectual conversations those two have.