Since leaving One Direction earlier this year Zayn Malik has had his fair share of twitter spats, taking on everyone from his former bandmates to Calvin Harris. Now rapper Example and singer Conor Maynard have weighed in on Zayn’s recent twitter antics, which aren't exactly helping to endear the ex-One Directioner to his fellow musicians.

Conor MaynardConor Maynard has ‘unfollowed’ Zayn Malik on twitter.

Speaking to the Daily Star Sunday, Example compared Malik to a young Robbie Williams, accusing the singer trying too hard to make a name for himself. "He's probably just a young frustrated guy who is hitting out," Example said.

"Maybe he's trying to do the Robbie Williams formula when he left Take That and did drugs, s****ed girls and kept his profile up with average hits until the amazing Angels,” the rapper added.

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Example also criticised Malik for starting beef with Calvin Harris earlier this month, in an exchanged which included the former boyband member calling the DJ a ‘dickhead’. "If you are going to go up against anyone don't go up against Calvin Harris,” Example said.

"He's the king of the music world at the moment, dating the most successful female artist and is a lovely guy. Zayn should have bitten his lip,” the rapper added. But it’s not just Example who doesn't appreciate Malik’s twitter.

Singer Conor Maynard also told the Daily Star Sunday that he’d ‘unfollowed’ Malik on twitter due to his behaviour. "Zayn needs to stop bashing people on Twitter. It's all getting a bit awkward. Calvin Harris, Taylor Swift…” Maynard said.

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"At the end of the day his comebacks are crap too. He said to Calvin, 'Calm down before your dentures fall out' and I literally unfollowed him because of that tweet.” Zayn and Calvin’s twitter argument started after Malik retweeted a fan pic comparing a quote by Miley Cyrus and one from Harris’s girlfriend Taylor Swift regarding making money from there music.

During the exchange Harris told Malik, ‘You've made your money? Cool... f**k the 99% of musicians who depend on these services to survive right? Yeah f**k em.” If u don't get what it means when a successful artist uses their celebrity to benefit every other musician and songwriter in the industry... stay out my f***in mentions pls.”