Zara Phillips and her fellow Team GB equestrian team members will be dancing ‘Gangnam Style’ to raise money for Children in Need.

The Royal Olympian and granddaughter to the Queen will be dancing in full equestrian kit, to the strains of Psy’s surprise electro-pop hit, which has spawned many an imitation (one of which got a group of lifeguards fired from their jobs, no less), The Telegraph reports.

‘Gangnam Style’ became a viral hit this summer and has now been viewed over 658 million times on YouTube. Now, it gets the royal seal of approval, as Princess Anne’s daughter, along with Tina Cook and Nicola Wilson, will perform their very own brand of the now-legendary dance as part of the BBC’s evening of charity-focused entertainment. Fittingly, the dance itself features a mime of someone pretending to ride a horse and spinning a lasso. That first bit, at least, should be a doddle for the Equestrian Event team, who will release the video on Monday (November 12, 2012), ahead of the annual Children in Need telethon, which will take place on Friday (November 16, 2012).

Zara will now join the likes of Boris Johnson and David Cameron, who have apparently danced ‘Gangnam Style’ together. “Gangnam Style is very good," Boris Johnson revealed at the Tory party conference. "The Prime Minister and I danced Gangnam Style the other day, you will be shocked to discover.” Shocked? well, yes, just a little.