Zara Larsson has teased fans that her long-awaited follow-up to her 2017 LP 'So Good' is ''coming'' soon.

The Swedish pop star took to twitter to provide an update on her new album and revealed it will be with fans in the not so distant future, as she was shooting the artwork.

She wrote: ''Well in other news I'm on set for my album cover shoot. ''She's coming.''

The 'Lush Life' singer has released the singles 'Ruin My Life', 'Don't Worry Bout Me', 'Wow', 'All The Time' and 'Like It Is', the latter of which was a collaboration with Tyga and Kygo, since 'So Good' was released.

The album update comes after Zara recently revealed she has ditched a couple of album's worth of material in recent years.

When asked if she has got rid of an album's worth of tunes, she said: ''Yeah, I've done that a couple of times. It's so sad when you think about all of the songs that are never going to be released.

''I might have two or three that are the same, but mostly I've just swept it all out.

''I doubt [2019 single] 'All The Time' will even be on the album.''

The 22-year-old star also admitted she had been ''experimenting'' a lot to figure out which direction to take her sound in.

She added: ''I feel like I was experimenting a bit with stuff and also compromising a bit and trying to figure out where are we going with this.

''I really wanna show people my voice.''

Last summer, Zara admitted she had contemplated leaking her new music to get her songs released sooner.

She said: ''I just want to get it out there. It's so depressing to think about the songs that will never see the light of day.

''I'm like, 'I should leak that'. I really would love to do a mixtape.''

The Symphony' hitmaker previously teased that her new music was sounding ''sexy'', and revealed that she had penned two songs with MNEK, who she co-wrote 'Never Forget You' with, though she wasn't sure if they would make the final cut.

She said at the time: ''I started two-and-a-half months ago with MNEK and we wrote two amazing songs.

''I'm not sure if they'll make the album yet, but I love to work with him. He is such a blessing to work with. Ever since that session it's been going super well.

''It's very early but for now, it's kind of mysterious and a little sexy, but still pop, of course.''