Zara Larsson hopes her new will be a form of "escapism".

The 22-year-old pop star is preparing to release her new record, and she hopes it'll prove to be a welcome distraction for her fans amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Zara said: "I think maybe future music will have some nods to lockdown, but I wanted this album now to be a form of escapism.

"I don’t know how quickly we can go back to the way we were, but what I can say is that I want to go out on the dance floor when I hear this album - at least the dance floor in my head!"

Zara doesn't want to obsess about the lockdown and has therefore tried to avoid talk about the ongoing crisis on her new record.

She told euphoriazine magazine: "I don’t want to think about lockdown here. I don’t want to think about quarantine. I don’t want to think about that s*** - but maybe the future album. This next one is normal life."

Meanwhile, Zara has admitted to feeling under pressure ahead of her album release.

The chart-topping pop star - who released her debut record '1' back in 2014 - hopes she can live up to the expectations of her fans.

Speaking about her relationship with her fans, Zara said: "I definitely feel pressure to release music in general.

"'So Good' was doing very well and I want to live up to that. I do have a lot of pressure on myself and sometimes I forget why I’m doing music and that fact earlier on I was just releasing stuff left and right."