Former Miss Great Britain Zara Holland came face to face with the pageant’s current title holder Deone Robertson during her appearance on Thursday’s ‘Loose Women’. Appearing on the panel show, Holland defended herself after being stripped of the title and said rival Robertson didn't deserve the crown.

Zara HollandZara Holland confronted the new Miss GB live on ‘Loose Women’

“She didn't win the competition and she doesn't deserve it,” Holland said after being confronted with Robertson on the live show. “I stand up for women and if it was me, I wouldn't have taken it.” But Robertson hit back, saying that if she hadn’t of stepped up, someone else would have.

"If I didn't take it, someone else would have and this is my dream too,” Robertson told her. “You gave it up. You made the choice. Zara worked really hard to win and she did lots of charity work. But if you can't fulfil your role, it does say in the rules that it goes to the runner-up.”

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Holland was stripped of the title in June, after ITV reality show ‘Love Island’ aired scenes of her having sex with fellow contestant Alex Bowen. Holland said she had the full backing of the Miss Great Britain organisers to appear on ‘Love Island’, but when panelist Sherrie Hewson said that they probably didn't expect her to have sex on the show Holland defended herself.

“Neither did I,” Holland said. “But there was alcohol and it was in the moment. I am only 22 and I made a mistake. I am living with the consequences right now. I'm not saying it's an excuse. But you forget about the cameras. There are no cameraman and we were in the hideaway, which felt private.”

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Holland also revealed that she didn't give back her crown after being stripped of the title, despite organisers asking for it to be returned. “I've still got my crown at home,” she said. “It's beautiful and wonderful and I won it, so I won't give it back, even though they have asked me.”

But following Holland’s interview some viewers accused the show’s presenters of being unfair to the 22-year-old during their questioning. ‘Can't believe how harsh the @loosewomen are being Zara! Horrible... It's 2016!!! Leave the girl alone,' tweeted one viewer. Another asked the show: 'why have you brought Zara on your show just to rip into her? So unnecessary pitting the two women against eachother.'