An online petition asking Miss Great Britain organisers to give Zara Holland her title back has gathered over 8,500 signatures. Holland was stripped of her title by the organisation last week, after she was seen having sex on reality show ‘Love Island’ with fellow contestant Alex Bowen.

Zara HollandThousands of fans have signed a petition to give Zara Holland her Miss GB title back.

The petition reads: “As you are aware Zara Holland is Miss Great Britain and is on a reality TV show called Love Island, she is there to find love and it is not working out as much as she hoped. Recently Zara had a fumble which was aired on the show and now unfortunately this has cost her the title of Miss Great Britain.

“I think it is a harsh punishment stripping her of her title for a silly little mistake and for only being human. I am aware that having a title like that comes with responsibilities and I for one think she has been absolutely amazing, she has shown she is a strong positive person, we have to remember she is still a young lady and what happened was only natural.”

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“I think she should be given a second chance as Miss Great Britain! The petition has been supported by celebs including Anthea Turner, who tweeted: “Miss Great Britain Organisation: Give Zara Holland her Miss GB Title Back - Sign the Petition!”

After hearing she had been stripped of her title, Holland told her fellow ‘Love Island’ contestants: “I need to speak to everyone. I’ve just had some news. They’ve taken my title off me. They’ve done a statement and stuff just saying ‘it’s not acceptable.

“I did Miss Great Britain because I wanted to. It’s something I wanted to do. And if you put that hard work in and the commitment and the time and the effort…I did and I won, and I worked so hard. And now I just made one silly, stupid mistake of being in the moment has ruined everything.”

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“I can’t even put into words how gutted I am. So if they want to give me it back that’s fine! I just feel like people are going to judge me. I guess it’s just been a bit of a rollercoaster in here and now this has happened.”

On Sunday Holland announced she was leaving the show, after hearing her mother had been taken ill. In a statement she said: “I'm so sad to leave the villa but it's important for me to get home and spend time with my mum while she gets better. I've had the time of my life on Love Island and would like to thank all of my fellow Islanders and the production team for all their support.”