Though it's not made the best impression on the critics and didn't make one of the best opener's in the US box office upon its release, 'Justice League' is still looking like it could be a success thanks to international takings. Right now however, it would appear Warner Bros. are simply hoping to break even with the latest offering from the DC Extended Universe.

Zack Snyder had to exit his role on 'Justice League' earlier this yearZack Snyder had to exit his role on 'Justice League' earlier this year

The film was this year completed by Joss Whedon, with reshoots and rewriting taking place once original director Zack Snyder stepped down from his position following a family tragedy. Principal photography had already been completed on the movie, but it wasn't going to remain a sole Snyder project once Whedon stepped in, despite the latter not officially getting a director's credit on the flick.

Now, fans are (in their thousands!) signing an online petition asking for the release of Snyder's original 'Justice League' cut. Rumours suggest it's three hours long in length and would feature footage seen in some of the earliest trailers for the movie, which didn't make it through to this month's theatrical release.

Unfortunately, despite all of the calls for its release, it looks like the full Snyder cut may no longer exist, according to words from a visual effects artist who worked on the film.

Taking to Reddit, the VFX specialist wrote: "1000% bulls**t. As I’ve said, of course, there is an assembly cut Zack had going before he left, but that was 9 months ago. He himself said he hasn’t touched or interfered or been a part of the process since March. There is no cut. People like this guy (who spread the rumor) are the worst, perpetuating rumors of processes they don’t understand."

At the time of writing, over 120,000 people have signed the online petition gaining more traction by the hour and calling for Snyder's director's cut of 'Justice League' to be released. Whilst it doesn't seem like that will be possible, we'd be utterly shocked if there's not a single USB or computer system behind-the-scenes at WB Studios with his work on it. We'll be keeping a close eye on this one, no matter what the artist has to say...

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'Justice League' is out now in cinemas across the globe.