Zack Snyder is reportedly in talks with HBO to develop a Watchmen television series. The director has previously turned his hand to adapting the comic book series, written and drawn by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons, in the 2009 film of the same name. Talks have reportedly taken place between Snyder and HBO about the possibility of adapting the series but nothing has been confirmed as yet.

Zack SnyderZack Snyder at the premiere of 300: Rise of an Empire in Los Angeles, March 2014.

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The 49-year-old director’s interpretation of the comic book series in his 2009 film received mixed reviews from fans. The comic books rely on their reader having a good overall grasp of the intertwining and complicated relationships between the superhero characters. Snyder’s attempt at adapting the series was visually striking and certainly compelling to watch. Unfortunately, fans of the comic series were less impressed with all the missing details which would have been extremely difficult to include in 162 minutes. 

It’s uncertain if the series, should it go ahead, will also include the prequel to Watchmen. Before Watchmen, a series comic books written and drawn by a number of different artists, was released in 2012. The television series may simply focus on Watchmen or include the series before. Either way, there’s certainly enough material for a long running series. 

The continued popularity of superhero series, including Netflix’s adaptation of Daredevil and the upcoming Jessica Jones, is yet to be followed by HBO. The network, known for its lavish and often highly sexualised dramas, will certainly need a new epic series to continue after Game of Thrones. The hugely popular series is expected to end within the next few years.

In the meantime, Snyder certainly has a busy few years coming up with directing the upcoming Justice League films, based on the DC Comics. The soon-to-be-released Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice will mark the first in the series of films which will see the likes of Batman, Superman, Wonderwoman and Aquaman team up in addition to the stand alone films focussing on the backstories of the latter two characters. 

Collider first reported the news. 

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