Warner Brothers have sparked off plenty of excitement after registering several possible titles for the Man of Steel sequel this week, through the internet brand protection company MarkMonitor, reports Fusible. Currently referred to as Batman Vs. Superman, the movie will see Henry Cavill's Superman go head-to-head with Ben Affleck's Batman.

Ben Affleck
Ben Affleck Will Become The Next Batman.

The Zack Snyder-directed sequel is set to premiere in 2015 but the filmmakers are ensuring that there's sizeable fan interest in the project way, way before the movie is released. During August's Comic-Con panel, Man of Steel actor Harry Lennix read from Frank Miller's graphic novel from a scene in which the caped heroes are locked in battle to set the scene for the new movie: "I want you to remember, Clark. In all the years to come, in all your most private moments, I want you to remember my hand at your throat. I want you to remember the one man who beat you" to which the Superman and Batman logos were projected on to a screen melded together.

But will we see Wonder Woman in the movie?

Zack Snyder
Zack Snyder Has A Whole List Of Interesting Titles Up His Sleeve.

Screenwriter David S. Goyer gave us our first hint of ideas shaping up to become an actual movie when he spoke at Comic-Con. He said "We're already in pre-production," to much excitement, adding "(The film) comes out in summer of 2015 ... We're actually not sure whether the title is 'Superman vs. Batman' or 'Batman vs. Superman,' but yes, it's that rematch, that combination, the two guys onscreen and that's happening,"

Here's the list of titles registered:

- Man of Steel: Battle the Knight

- Man of Steel: Beyond Darkness

- Man of Steel: Black of Knight 

- Man of Steel: Darkness Falls

- Man of Steel: Knight Falls 

- Man of Steel: Shadow of the Night 

- Man of Steel: The Blackest Hour

- Man of Steel: The Darkness Within

If any of these titles are chosen, it will represent a marked different from the straight-forward Batman Vs. Superman name we were originally given. The various titles also stand to show that after so many films referring to Batman as 'The Dark Knight,' the character is so deeply entrenched in popular culture that he need only be referenced to via a euphemism. Which do you think would be the best title for go for?

Henry Cavill
Henry Cavill Will Resume His Superman Role.