Zack Synder, the director of 2016's hugely anticipated superhero movie Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, has tweeted a picture of the Batmobile that will feature in the movie.

Zack SynderZack Synder revealed a picture of the Batmobile this week

Fans had already got a glimpse of the vehicle in May, though the latest snap shows the Batmobile in its full glory. As the Guardian describes it, this is a "hulking cyberpunk vehicle" and has a machine gun on the bonnet. 

It's the first new Batmobile model since Christopher Nolan introduced the "Tumbler" in Batman Begins. That features a huge pair of front wheels, allowing it to perform extreme precision manoeuvres easily. Other features included a pair of machine guns mounted in the nose of the car, six rear flaps to assist brakes, a rocket launcher and explosive mines deployed from the rear of the vehicle.

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Anticipation is beginning to grow for Batman v Superman. Principal photography involving the main cast - Henry Cavill, Ben Affleck, Jesse Eisenberg - began in Detroit, Michigan on May 19, while scenes featuring Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman began on May 16. Additional filming locations have included Michigan Motion Picture Studios, Morocco and even in the South Pacific. 

Dawn of Justice was initially scheduled for release on March 25, 2016 though was moved to May 6, 2016. In August, the release date was moved once again to March 25, 2016 - essentially to avoid a battle with Marvel's Captain America 3. 

It has also been announced that Dawn of Justice will be followed by a Justice League movie, which Zack Synder will also direct. Cavill, Affleck and Gadot are all expected to reprise their roles. 

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