Zach Braff’s character in Scrubs was an emotionally tender, physically fragile and essentially harmless person. And one gets the feeling his perennial bully, Dr. Cox, would till have plenty to say about his character in “Wish I Was Here”.

Wish I Was HereBraff and his cute on-screen tykes in 'Wish I Was Here'

Yes, Braff and his brand of feels is back in this, the long-awaited follow up to his hyper-emotional, indie-fest, “Garden State,” which every 14-year-old girl or boy not into sports claimed was their favourite movie for at least 18 months. We’re not making that up; there were science studies. 

Check out the trailer right here

It’s a big ol’ three minute trailer, which actually gives away a huge amount of plot. Trailer always seem to, but this one really does pile it all on – the head shaving, the ill father, the weird road trip with the swear jar funds. But most people won’t be watching this for the plot – the morbid fascination with Braff’s controversial kick-starter combined with his Caché as king of the melancholy, this will be popular.

Braff unveiled the trailer this morning on The Today Show, on which he and Homeland star Mandy Patinkin explained how the latter came to be involved.  “I was with my son Gideon, and Zach bumped into us and said hi and walked away,” Patinkin laughed. “I never go up to famous people on the street of New York just because I’m so shy around famous people,” Braff explained. “But with Mandy I’m a lifelong fan. ... And I was like, ‘C’mon, get your courage. You have to go talk to Mandy Patinkin.’”

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Despite some not-so-positive reviews from the critics, ‘Wish I Was Here’ has all the hallmarks of a soppy indie favourite, and we’re expecting big things from Braff as a director once he can get funding without asking people for it on Kickstarter.

Zach Braff and Kate Hudson