Zach Braff has gotten a new tattoo in honour of his late friend Nick Cordero.

The 45-year-old actor is celebrating the memory of his friend Nick with a new inking, after the Broadway star died in July following a battle with coronavirus that lasted nearly 100 days.

Zach's new tattoo features a depiction of Nick dancing and singing while wearing a costume similar to one he sported in 'Bullets Over Broadway', the show in which the pair first met.

The former 'Scrubs' star's tattoo artist, Dr. Woo, unveiled the inking on his Instagram account, writing: ''In loving memory to the greatest @nickcordero1 on his friend @zachbraff (sic)''

Meanwhile, Zach recently admitted it was ''f****** tragic'' visiting Nick in the hospital before his passing, as he revealed the actor would have need a ''full double-lung transplant'' to survive.

He said: ''Just for clarity's sake, he didn't have COVID-19 anymore. What COVID did to Nick is what it does to a lot of people, it comes in and wreaks havoc on your body. Then it leaves and you don't have it anymore, but you're left with what the doctors called 'lungs that look like Swiss cheese.'

''Even to live he would've needed a full double-lung transplant and you only get those if you're healthy in all other ways. So the machines were really truly keeping him alive. His blood pressure wasn't strong enough so the tips of all his fingers and toes were blackening and they would have had to have been removed had he lived.''

Zach visited Nick in hospital with his girlfriend Florence Pugh, and said watching Nick's wife Amanda Kloots ''sobbing'' was heartbreaking, because they were unable to ''go hug her'' due to the social distancing guidelines put in place because of the pandemic.

SHe explained: ''[Amanda] was never able to see him fully conscious again. This is how f****** tragic it was - she would be 10 feet away from us, Florence [Pugh] and I, and sobbing, and we couldn't go hug her. We would literally stand 10 feet away from her and watch our friend sobbing.''