Vanessa Hudgens has reportedly threatened to dump Zac Efron if he doesn't stop playing his computer games.

The heartthrob was thrilled when he was given a stash of video games for Christmas but his 'High School Musical' co-star girlfriend was not so impressed because he now spends most of his time on his X-Box console.

A source said: "Vanessa has hardly seen him. He talks more to his friends online while blasting away at aliens or whatever, than to her. Vanessa has even tried joining in but her boredom threshold is a lot shorter than Zac's. She's on the verge of saying, 'It's either me or the X-Box.' "

Although his behaviour over the festive period has annoyed Vanessa, she was thrilled with the surprise gift he gave her for her 21st birthday on December 14.

While she was away filming her new movie 'Sucker Punch', Zac planted three citrus trees on her Los Angeles estate, which she was greeted with on her return home.

A source said: "Vanessa was incredibly touched by the gift."