This week Fox announced that they would be airing a three hour live broadcast of Grease next year. Lets think for a minute about what that means, Grease is coming back and there’ll be a whole new cast! Now there’s been no official announcements yet about who might be starring, but for us, that means it's a perfect oppourtunity to compile our dream Grease cast.

Zac EfronCould Zac Efron be Danny?


Already there seems to be one clear forerunner for Danny, none other than High School Musical star Zac Efron. Zac’s already said that he thinks playing Danny would be an “honour” but admits they would be “big shoes to fill”. So could Zac transfer his High School Musical charm to Rydell High? We certainly think so, Zac has both the looks and the talent to be our modern day Danny.

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So who could give us the sweet and innocent charm of Sandy and then convincingly make that end transformation? Well Ariana Grande would make a pretty convincing nice girl Sandy for sure, but she might just not have enough star power yet. Maybe it's  an obvious choice, but what about Taylor Swift? Yes she’s unproven as an actress but for some reason we can just see Taylor as both the sweet and the later sultry Sandy.

Hayden PanettiereCould Hayden be bad girl RIzzo?


The Pink Ladies's bad girl leader is the supporting role that’s probably even more fun than the main. For this one we’re going to go out on a limb and chose Hayden Panettiere. If you only know Hayden from ‘Heroes’ and aren't watching ‘Nashville’ then we can't expect you to understand. Ok, she might need a wig for Rizzo, but watch her as Juliette Barnes on ‘Nashville’ and try and tells us she isn’t the best bad girl on TV, plus, she can really sing.

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Danny’s T-Birds sidekick is the bad boy of the bunch and another role which is a potential show stealer. Who could do Kenickie justice? Well the character calls for some cool, really cool. Maybe Drake could work in the role or dare we say it, Harry Styles. Word is Harry’s looking to move into acting and this could actually be pretty perfect for him. Harry’s kind of like the not so threatening bad boy, so he might have to toughen up for the part, but we actually could see Mr Styles having a role in Grease 2015.

Anna KendrickWould Anna Kendrick make a good Frenchy?


The role of beauty school dropout Frenchy could be perfect for someone like Anna Kendrick. She could play the ditzy fun loving Frenchy well and there’s something about her look which just seems to fit. Honourable mention to Demi Lovato however, who would just be so perfect for Grease in general, but could do a really good turn as Frenchy.

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