When we think of loneliness, we often think of old people and people without romance in their lives, but truthfully it's something so much deeper. It's a feeling we all get, and one that not all of us get over; it's that painful, frustrated feeling of not belonging.

Yungblud at Summerfest 2019 / Photo Credit: Daniel DeSlover / Zuma Press / PA ImagesYungblud at Summerfest 2019 / Photo Credit: Daniel DeSlover / Zuma Press / PA Images

No matter how many people we are surrounded by, we will always feel lonely if we don't have someone we can connect with, which is why Dominic Harrison - aka YUNGBLUD - invited a group of likeminded individuals to discuss what it's like to feel like an outsider in a short film for Vevo Lift called 'Lonely Together'.

We meet the man behind the black lipstick, pink socks, fishnets and big jewellery, and get a glimpse of the bitter pit of loneliness from which YUNGBLUD was first born.

"I was never the right kind of kid and trying to be myself meant I wasn't normal", he confesses. He recalls wanting to wear make-up at a school disco and straighten his hair, and while bullying ensued he didn't care at the time because he felt like he was finally being himself. 

"I had this confidence, you know like when you buy a new pair of shoes or a dress? You're almost like walking through a movie, you're turning heads. It was like Julia Roberts in 'Pretty Woman'", he says. "I think Yungblud was created because I was sick of people telling me what to do."

The 22-year-old moved to London to study at the Arts Educational Schools where he thought others would learn to accept his individuality for the first time. But instead, he found himself being treated like the weirdo all over again, only this time on an even bigger scale. It was that rock bottom that encouraged him to finally break free of the shackles that society was determined to keep him in.

"I always talk about 'the month'", he recalls. "I was living in this damp flat. I remember the kitchen window, it had this blind on it and I had no body clock and I would only know if it was daytime if I saw some light peaking through that blind. I literally didn't leave. That was where YUNGBLUD was created."

It was during that time that everything from his pink socks to the lyrics for his first EP was created, and he describe life beforehand as being like "a simmering pan that was bubbling and bubbling and bubbling" until he came out the other side thinking, "This is who I am gonna be". 

YUNGBLUD's hope is that other young people who feel like they're different from everybody else can learn to feel confident enough to be who they are, and find others who will encourage their individuality. It's his theory that his generation has more freedom and hope than ever because "we're not afraid to talk" and we have the technology to connect with people from all walks of life.

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That's what being a rockstar is to YUNGBLUD. Sex and drugs may still be top priorities of a lot of up-and-coming musicians, but to him there's so much more important things: "Rock n roll to me means freedom and for the first time in my life I finally, genuinely, undeniably feel free."