Yungblud's girlfriend Jesse Jo Stark makes his skirts.

The 24-year-old rocker has revealed the singer-songwriter and fashion designer - who is close friends with supermodel Bella Hadid - designs the skirts he wears on stage.

The 'cotton candy' hitmaker - whose real name is Dom Harrison - was discussing the issue he has with "mainstream fashion" not having any "heart", when he shared that his partner has a hand in his punk-rock ensembles for his shows.

Speaking to the latest digital issue of HUNGER magazine - of which he is the cover star - YUNGBLUD said: "I think the clothes you wear say what you wanna say without having to open your mouth, and fashion has always been so important to me. I have a bit of a problem with fashion at the minute. For me, mainstream fashion doesn't have a lot of heart... What I miss about fashion is it's all supposed to be sick and twisted and new, and it feels like right now all the subcultures are exploited. Art never dies, it's out there right now, but a lot of big wigs in fashion don't wanna let it shine. Let it shine! With clothes I don't know what's f****** cool, I just work with my best friends and I wear what I want – like my girlfriend makes my f****** skirts..."

YUNGBLUD and Jesse, 30, went Instagram official in June.

Alongside a snap of the pair rocking matching leopard print, the 'Strawberry Lipstick' singer wrote at the time: "luv of ma f- lyf ... @jessejostark."

Elsewhere in the interview, the musician admitted he hates how much focus there is on following "trends" these days.

He explained: "Growing up in the north is such a beautiful thing because it gives you such a sense of community, and an ability to talk to anyone. Everyone in the streets of Northern England talks to each other whether you've met them or not.

"All I wanted to do was find mates and belong somewhere, and a lot of things are missing culture now, a lot of things in the world have no culture behind them because it's all based on trends. A definition of a trend is it's meant to die, and I don't want something that would die, I want something that would last forever. I want to belong somewhere."