Yungblud has refused to deny he has a collaboration with Miley Cyrus on his next album.

The 'Mars' hitmaker has been "mad-creative" this year and has two albums on the go.

The first, his follow-up to December's chart-topper, ‘weird!', is set for release in 2022.

And in a new interview, the 'fleabag' singer kept tight-lipped when asked about rumours he has teamed up with the 'Midnight Sky' singer on a duet.

He said of his third studio album: “It’s killer. Just you wait – it’s nearly done. I’ve got two albums ready but I’m just finishing the one to put out.”

On the Miley gossip, Yungblud told The Sun newspaper's Bizarre column: “Listen, I cannot disclose that information. Maybe, baby.”

Back in January, Yungblud updated his fans on his album progress on Instagram Live.

He said: “I’m in the studio. We’ve been locked down here. I’ve been so mad-creative! I’ve literally nearly got another album done, which is just f****** mental. I can’t wait for you to see.”

The 'Loner' rocker - whose real name is Dom Harrison - released his debut album, '21st Century Liability', back in 2018, and recently shared how he feels he's evolved over the last couple of years.

He said: "I don’t have to hide behind an insecure anger like there was on my first album, '21st Century Liability'.

"I’m a lot more reasonable than I used to be instead of barking straight back, which is what I used to do because I’d been hit by pain and aggression and backlash my whole life."

The 'cotton candy' star loves to experiment with his sound but admitted he finds the music industry “depressing” because people are so keen to label him or pigeonhole him into one area.

He said: “That’s what I found so depressing about the record labels and the press. One day I wear a dress and fishnets, the next a suit. One day I want to do a hip-hop track, the next a metal one. That’s who I am. Who cares? That’s my generation.”