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Youth Group
Casino Twilight Dogs
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Youth Group Casino Twilight Dogs Album

Youth Group exploded onto the scene in 2005 with Skeleton Jar, and confirmed what Australia had known for a while now - that when it comes to melodic indie rock, there are few capable of putting together such an enjoyable album. If you're a fan of the kind of music dropped into the OC, ER and Scrubs, Youth Group are bang centre of the bullseye.

Like a more joyous Death Cab For Cutie, a more consistent Nada Surf, or a Cure 20 years on, Youth Group make intelligent, guitar-based jangly rock. Casino Twilight Dogs follows on wonderfully from Skeleton Jar, and may be the stronger, more consistent disc, with a great mix of slower and more upbeat songs - on many, it is difficult to stop imagining you've fallen in love - the anthemic Forever Young and Dead Zoo contrasting with Start Today Tomorrow's elegance and sheer gorgeousness. Do yourself a favour and dip in - this is as good as indie gets.


Mike Rea

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