Review of Feat Akon, Soul Survivor Single by Young Jeezy

Young Jeezy
Feat Akon
Soul Survivor – Def Jam
Uk Release Date 23rd January

Young Jeezy Feat Akon, Soul Survivor Single

This isn't gonna be big, it's gonna be Jurassic. "Soul Survivor" is already huge Stateside and with a release date of mid-January this track is simply gonna grow n grow in the UK. A hit, you bet, it's hard edged, because Young Jeezy is just that, but with the addition of cross over king Akon this is a sure-fire bet for a hit. Amazingly Akon wasn't even acknowleged by MOBO after the year he has just had even in their nominations, which to be blunt is shocking. But he is involved in another hit single albeit with Young Jeezy.