The former G-Unit star, real name David Brown, was jailed in 2012 on gun possession and tax evasion charges, and after his release the following year (13) he was ordered by a judge to submit to a series of urine tests as part of his probation.

In May (15), he was reportedly caught injecting a "yellow substance" into the sample beaker during a testing session and when doctors examined his genuine sample it came up positive for marijuana.

The rapper initially claimed he had inhaled second-hand dope smoke, but he later admitted he had puffed joints with fellow hip-hop star Snoop Dogg.

Last week (ends23Aug15), Brown pleaded guilty to the offence in a Nashville, Tennessee court and was sentenced to probation, community service, and drug treatment, and was also ordered to pay a fine.

Attorney Scott Leemon tells, "I am glad that Judge Campbell agreed with our joint recommendation that Buck be sentenced to probation, a fine, community service and drug treatment.

"This was a fair result, most importantly, because Buck was spared any prison time and permitted to get back on the road to perform and make new music. In fact, he went right from court to go meet 50 (Cent) on his Effen vodka tour."

Last year (14), Young Buck was scolded by a judge for missing two drug test appointments.