The Underdog hitmakers were headlining the Slam Dunk South rock music event in Hertfordshire, England when they were alerted to a medical emergency in the audience, and the rockers stopped their set for 30 minutes so the female fan could be rescued from the throng.

Frontman Josh Franceschi has since thanked fans for their co-operation on, writing, "To everyone who was at Slam Dunk South yesterday... A) Thank you for coming out to watch us we had a great time. B) Thank you for your patience as that young lady was being seen to by paramedics. C) We have never had to leave the stage for 30 minutes, but the safety of people who come to watch our band, as well as your enjoyment level, is paramount to us.

"Was it somewhat frustrating? Yes. But our egos are far less significant and the show continued as planned after that. D) Thank you to the fans in that area of the crowd for alerting me to the situation, to the security and paramedics for acting swiftly, and to Slam Dunk for letting us run over so we could complete our set. E) Glad to say the young lady has completely recovered."

The nature of the fan's condition has not been revealed.