Mark Chapman is still serving time for killing the former Beatles star, but even though he's behind bars, Ono is always looking over her shoulder, fearing that she could also become a target of a deranged fan.

"I'm super-careful, almost like a certain animal who is used to being hunted, like a deer," she explains. "When I go out or when I don't go out, in my apartment, I'm very, very careful."

Yoko admits she hates to dwell on the man who took her late husband's life, adding, "It's very, very difficult for me to think about Chapman, especially because he doesn't seem to think that was a bad thing to do. It's crazy."

Chapman was sentenced to 20 years to life following his conviction. He has been denied parole eight times.

The 35th anniversary of Lennon's death will be marked in December (15).