Review of When You're Through Thinking, Say Yes Album by Yellowcard

Having broken into the mainstream with their 2003 major label debut, 'Ocean Avenue', Florida quintet maintained a position in the punk-pop mid-table up until going on hiatus in 2008. Their return was announced last summer and culminates in this release, which will be promoted with co-headline shows with Good Charlotte in June.

Yellowcard When You're Through Thinking, Say Yes Album

When you've been away for a few years then finding a strong track to announce your return must be paramount, making it easy to see why 'The Sound Of You And Me' opens the record. It's high tempo and melodic approach will make it a circle pit favourite, whilst the anthemic chorus will hook those who don't appreciate the physical action at gigs. The band's trademark use of violin - a rarity in the genre - gives 'For You, And Your Denial' an intriguing Gaelic flavour, whilst 'With You Around' is solid pop fun. 'Hang You Up' provides respite from the energy, a gentle acoustic number that allows the use of strings to shine, and it is followed by a couple of punk-by-numbers offerings in 'Hide' and 'Soundtrack'. The seemingly regulatory ballad comes in the shape of 'Sing For Me', a song that doesn't offend but certainly wouldn't be missed, while 'Be The Young' provides a rousing finale. It's very much like the band have never been away, seamlessly falling into old habits and providing a solid album.

Alex Lai

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