Hot on the heels of their recent tour supporting chart sensations Sam Smith and Clean Bandit, UK band Years & Years prepare to embark on their own sell-out headline tour in February 2015, while attempting to finish their highly anticipated debut album.

Years & Years promo
Years & Years have a very busy year ahead of them

Years & Years first started creating a buzz back in 2012 with their debut single 'I Wish I Knew', and while their unique brand of synthpop is truly a breath of fresh air, so is their attitude towards the music industry, having released a series of free downloads alongside their singles in recent times. 'We're precious about what we make but we're not that precious about the internet and stuff because I think that's just the way it is, and it's kind of cool. 'I kind of enjoy that', says keyboardist Emre Turkmen, about giving away their music for free. 'You want people to hear it', frontman Olly Alexander says in agreement.

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It's certainly nice to hear another side of the story, especially in light of the big contrasts that have occurred in music this year, in that U2 gifted a large proportion of the population with their latest album, while Taylor Swift took away her entire back catalogue from Spotify's streaming service. Years & Years seem to have got the balance right.

Watch Years & Years perform 'Real' live here:

Meanwhile, these guys will no doubt be earning plenty through their touring schedule as they hit the road in the UK next year, with a string of sold out shows. No surprises there, following the huge appreciation they received on tour with Sam Smith and Clean Bandit. 'Their audiences are really different but we've had such a good reception with both of them', says Olly. 'When you play a support show, it's quite difficult because no-one knows who you are, [the audience are] not there for you, but when you feel like at the end of the set you've won them over, it's such a nice feeling.'

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The trio hope to unveil their new album in the coming months, which may or may not feature their awesome single 'Take Shelter'; their first release for Polydor Records and which topped the iTunes UK Singles Electronic Chart. They've had further mainstream chart success with their latest song 'Desire' (number 22), and The Magician's number 7 single 'Sunlight' on which they featured earlier this year.