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Yeah Yeah Yeahs Is Is EP

Karen O and her compatriots of garage rock return with their first offering in little over a year and to no surprise it's in EP format. All of the songs for the "Is Is" EP were written in 2004 during the bands tour period and have been performed regularly at their concerts since then.

The EP opens with "Rockers To Swallow" a rough and dynamic song with a heavy solid beat not to mention similarly solid and heavy lyrics. Karen O screeches her way through this track, into the arms of "Down Boy"; a witty, funky and softer side to the band but still managing to have the same impact as a more heavy track.

Then comes the pulsating, racing "Kiss Kiss" with sweeping guitar, great vocals as always and galloping drums. Title track "ISIS" is nothing special. It is slow and weak, a pretty average rock song. Followed by "10 x 10" a typical hard-hitting song from Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

Yet another great EP from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs; nothing short of rock genius, from one of modern rocks best bands, this band are here to stay.


Daniel Black

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