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Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Pin

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Yeah Yeah Yeahs- Pin- Polydor Limited and Chrysalis Music

Yeah Yeah Yeahs


Polydor Limited and Chrysalis Music

Taken from the new album 'Fever to Tell' the members are Karen O on vocals, Nick Zinner on guitar, and Brian Chase on Drums. They met in a bar in New York. Be prepared to enter into a glimpse of their life filled with smeared lipstick and torn tights This song would be suitable for anyone who likes an upbeat Placebo or has heard anything similar. Although a short piece, only lasting two minutes it's enough to keep you entertained and more than likely to get you purchasing the fantastic album.

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Having not got a bass player they have pulled off quite a stunt a bit like the ever popular White Stripes who also play without a bassist. Full of screams and yells the lyrics are often of a sexual reference 'I'd like to sleep with him' and so on. Even though Pin is more tame than one the rest of the recordings. A quick strum and already we are captivated by the opening verse of what becomes a terrific melody. It takes a few listens to appreciate that it is one of the finer moments from there album release and features a very catchy hook.

Liam Golder