Review of It's Blitz Album by Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Review of Yeah Yeah Yeahs album It's Blitz.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs It's Blitz Album

Yeah Yeah Yeahs are back and have already got the tongues wagging with their new Single 'Zero' and are now hoping to set the world alight with the release of their new album 'It's Blitz'

This trio have expressed that they have gone a different direction and although this album sounds like none of their previous albums, it still sounds like the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, try and get your head around that one!

'It's Blitz' kicks off with the Single which is a great piece of music, these guys are never afraid to experiment and it is always exciting to hear the next new piece of music material from this lot. 'Zero' captures the mind and Karen O's vocal are just mesmerising. Electronic, experimental rock is stepping forward in the forefront and Yeah Yeah Yeahs are looking to lead the way.

Next up is 'Heads Will Roll' which really does show off Karen O's brilliant vocals but this tune just seems like it is stuck in the eighties. This and 'Soft Rock' give you a vision of a night club full of smoke and a lot of drunk students with funny haircuts. It does seem like Yeah Yeah Yeahs have been watching too much Back To The Future because it looks like they have taken their inspiration from the past.

'Skeletons' takes a different path with a drum roll like beat in the back ground and again this gives Karen O the perfect opportunity to show off her sexy vocals (yes vocals can be sexy), a slow pure track but the question is what is it doing on this album? It doesn't fit.

The most ironic award has to go to 'Dull Life' because at the end of the day this tune has quite a bit of life to it and is far from dull. Isn't that ironic? Don't ya think?

Yeah Yeah Yeahs have taken a massive gamble, but not really! This trio are proven and it takes a band with confidence in their own ability to try something outside of their comfort zone. Take your hat off to Yeah Yeah Yeahs and give them a blast if you have not already done so.


Mark Moore

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