Rapper/actor Xzibit owes more than $500,000 (£335,570) in unpaid taxes, according to new documents leaked online.
The Hey Now star, real name Alvin Joiner, has had two tax liens filed against him in the past year by officials at America's Internal Revenue Service (IRS).
According to DetNews.com, Michigan native Xzibit was recorded as owing $296,355 (£198,895) to the IRS on 17 April 2008, while a further $205,485 (£137,910) was noted in the Los Angeles County Records of Deeds office on 4 February (09).
But Xzibit isn't the only rapper indebted to the IRS - Lil' Kim owes $979,090 (£657,107), while Method Man had his car repossessed last month (Mar09) after failing to pay over $50,000 (£33,557) to the U.S. government in back taxes.